Should I stop charging nothing for my commissions?

Hey, I’m Epic, and I currently sell my builds for free. I don’t do this because I have little experience or skill, but because I want people to have someone to make assets for them, in a market where builds are becoming more expensive by the minute.

I currently have a problem. I get many commissions, maybe around 3-4 a week, but I’ve only finished ~5. Why? There are three possible reasons.

  • The person is asking for an entire map “just like jailbreak”
  • I’m getting too many commissions
  • I have no motivation

I’ve even accepted many, but fail to finish half of them.

On the other hand, I’d hate to stop charging for free, for reasons stated at the beginning.


You should charge some robux, but make it pretty cheap. Maybe about like 100-200 robux per asset, or less if you want. Now, you can get less commissions and more good offers and make some robux profit out of your work.


Interesting idea! I think I’ll do that.

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Hi! Even if you have little to no experience, you are devoting your time to building. Your time has value. I definitely think you should charge. I also found that taking on fewer commissions per month/week helped me keep a healthy pace and avoid burnout or feeling overwhelmed. Lastly, I believe it’s less stressful to accept smaller projects at first (one model, a small bundle). It’s unrealistic for a single artist to build an entire map alone or in a short period of time. Clients should definitely pay a team for a project that large. Don’t let clients take advantage of you because you are beginning. Your time and skills have value at every stage. Best of luck! :slight_smile:

I must have miss worded my post, I am not a beginner to building, I just don’t post the majority of my builds onto my portfolio (I should though).

Thanks for your recommendations! I agree with you entirely :smiley: !

Regardless of your experience, please don’t let people take advantage of you. You are worth more than being taken advantage of.

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As stated in OP, many people come asking for huge maps. I feel bad about saying “no”, but it is sad to see.

It’s exciting to see how this new journey will go. I’m still going to charge cheap, though.

No problem! And I apologize if I misread the post. Also I like your avatar :grinning:

Thank you! No need for an apology, I re-read and it was very confusing 0-o

You should start to charge for them, I am an artist and use to do commissions all the time for free and probably felt the same as what you feel now, I personally believe if you start charging it will take some weight off of your chest!

I am not asking how much I should sell assets for, I am simply asking if I should start charging for commissions.

  1. You must have misunderstood their question 2. if it was what you thought it was it would be very rude to assume they are only in it for the income.
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The answer is easy you can either set a limit to your size or diffculty to builds or like sneakerdude2 said start setting small limits to your builds and in your free time try new stuff it will help you find building more relaxed and easy to do.