Should I store my objects in Server Storage or Replicated Storage?

A little background information: I’m working on a roblox broswer, where websites are community made, and players can search through those websites. I want to have all the websites information and gui in Server Storage so the performance of the game isn’t hit by all the websites, but I need them locally to display to the player. Should I store it in SS and move it to RS when I need it using a Remote Event or Function? Will having a lot of items in SS still hinder performance? Are there any other ways I can go about storing all of it? For example external databases, though I’m not sure that would be best.

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Not for the client at all.

You could just try parenting the required “website” object to ReplicatedStorage from ServerStorage (which I assume is where you’re storing retrieved serialized objects and rebuilding them(?) ) when required, and then showing it to the client.


Alright thanks! Was unsure I rarely ever use SS in this way.

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