Should I take the leap and learn blender?

I think its time I learn blender, but is it worth the time?

I’ve been on roblox since 2016 on other accounts.
In 2018 I started working on games.
2019 , I became an okay builder.
2020, I’m pretty good.
2021, I’m the best I can be!
I haven’t ever used blender.
Is it worth it?


I’d say blender is worth it, for a variety of reasons:

  • Blender produced assets can more pleasing and realistic than Roblox.
  • Opens up paths for getting into modeling
  • Optimization

These are just some of many reasons, sorry if I listed anything which is incorrect.


yes pls do it plsssssssssssssssss

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yes take the leap, you have nothing to lose!


1.) The time you joined roblox doesn’t determine if you should learn blender.
2.) Learning blender isnt just for games, it doesn’t matter when you started working on games. Neither of those should effect why or why not you should learn blender.
You should learn blender if you have an actual reason for it. You wanna try and make more realistic things then youll probably need blender, want better looking textures and not just part colors then you should learn blender.
Pros to blender
1.) Blender has a lot of uses such as, it can be used for games, movies/animations, or just simply working on some cool art.
2.) Blender is become an industry standard meaning a lot of bigger workplaces going forward may adapt blender as their main software.
3.) Blender has a lot of flexability and has a lot of user created plugins/generators that can make certain projects a lot easier to start.
Cons to blender
1.) It’s not user friendly and you’ll have a hard learning curve. If you give up on things easier stay away from blender cuz it’ll just be a waste of time.
2.) The keydowns/shortcuts > Theres a lot of them and itll take you a long time to learn. Until you do the software will be pretty annoying to learn as well as navigate and do simple tasks.
3.) Blender actually requires you to have some art skill, jumping into the software without a decent grasp on some art will pretty difficult to develop. It’s not impossible itll just take a lot of time to actually get good. You’re not gonna learn blender over night, and realistically speaking it might be months before you can actually do the things you want to.

You’ll see a lot of people encouraging you, but you definitely do have something to lose by attempting it. If you try to learn blender and give up that’ll just be wasted time. In that time you could of practiced your building skills. You say in 2021 you’re the best you can be, but iv never heard of you, so you must not really be that good of a builder. Just saying. Think of your options and actually decide if this is what you need to improve your builds. If all you do is make lowpoly simulator maps then itll probably be waste to learn realistically speaking.

I’m not trying to discourage you from learning the software, I personally use it and I think its great. Its just you’re not gonna learn it in a month. So if you have this idea you’re just gonna go into it and have a grand ol time then think twice.


just from personal experience but learning blender was pretty ez with minimal tutorials it’s really just that the ui kinda overwhelms people but after a week or so it becomes pretty easy

also you get used to the basic modeling shortcuts (like inset and extrude stuff like that) pretty fast too


Many experienced developers use blender to make complex meshes, but you can also use other applications as well. I started using blender for gfx while being COMPLETELY UNEXPERIENCED and now I’m making a few complex stuff! Go for it!


learning blender will help u improve more about 3D model and give u some skill about making your own texture, some model that in roblox can’t do and really worth of time


This isn’t a should or shouldn’t. It’s personal preference. If you want to begin working with more advanced 3D modeling then go ahead and if not, don’t. It’s up to you.


Blender looks very hard, I thought it was hard too but by watching a few tutorials you will realise it very easy



Blender is a program of dreams. You have no idea how much you need it.


To be honest, I think you should learn Blender. Good Luck!

I’ll start watching some tutorials. Thank you, but roblox does have a lot of mesh restrictions.

Yes Blender is worth it.

I learned it so I could optimize my game and reduce as many triangles as possible to avoid any sort of lag even for the lowest of computers. So far it’s paid off.

Learning blender would be AMAZING! Because you can create models way easier using blender instead of roblox studios so its a great time saver and blender is used by professional 3D modelers to create amazing work. The best thing about blender is that its FREE!

This does not nessescarily mean I’m famous nor’ am I claiming to be famous.
Just saying i’m doing great learning-wise.

Yes I suggest you do learn blender / cinema 4D or any other similar software.
Personally I find blender’s UI not user friendly so I use Cinema 4D instead because it has a much user friendly UI.

Many of the games do require 3D modelling to some extent now. If you’re being hired to build something for someone they will most likely ask you to model the tiny stuff.