Should I try to make far objects low poly or

So I am making a game about Slovakia and I am asking myself this question…

Should I try to make far objects low poly or don’t even insert them?

What I mean by far objects:

  • Buildings that you can’t go near them (for instance: The Sims 4 and Euro truck simulator 2)

What I mean by low poly:

  • Making them low detailed, until it will be only squares…

What I mean by not inserting them:

  • Not inserting those objects and focus only on those, that people can access…
So what do you think:
  • You should make them low-poly
  • Nah, don’t even try inserting them

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Its probably a good idea to make far away objects Low Poly,

If the Player cant Access those Regions, better so then having the game render something detailed very far away, having something Detailed far away can cause Frame drops to people in which their Computers are not as powerful.

However, these kinds of Performace issues usually be prevented (or lowered) by Lowering Graphic’s Quality

You can also try Level Of Detail (LOD)

For the Don't Even insert them part
If you want your game to be more Diverse, or Alive rather than just a couple of buildings floating in the Sky, you should go ahead and add them.

Ultimately, Its up to you for these kind of things.


Well, While questioning myself, I was like “hmmmmmm…” and “What audience thinks what should I do…”

Back when my inteligence for Roblox Studio was low, I focused only on those, that you could access…

But thanks for the answer!

What you’re describing is a pretty common practice in gamedev and i really don’t really see why you shouldn’t do it, it saves up a lot on resources


Making them low poly enables you to effectively reduce the part count inside your game, improving gameplay and the general smoothness of the game. This is a popular approach for millions of games. However, whether you want to or not is ultimately up to you.

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