Should I use animation events (GetMarkerReachedSignal) to activate hitboxes?

Hey everyone,

I was working on hitboxes for some abilities in my game and I was wondering if animation events are actually a viable way to detect when certain keyframes are reached to fire an event (in this case, creating the hitboxes). If not, are there any alternatives you would recommend to listen to an animation and play events when certain points in it are reached?

Thank you!

Still looking for potential solutions but for now I think animation events should suffice

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I think animation events are great because you can precisely know when you want a specific thing to happen, but the only problem I see is that if you have many different animations youd have to do one for each of them, unless its the same signalName but im not sure though

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Yea, each ability will definitely require their own animation events at different signals but at least the events themselves will be generally the same. I could just write a module script to simplify things.

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