Should I use Guilded for my chat logger?

Hello everyone. I am attempting to make a chat logger, and then eventually a moderator action logger. I haven’t ever really done stuff with HttpService or webhooks, however I have read that discord will apply a rate limit on you if you are passing too much information through your webhook per second, and I thought I saw that the maximum amount of requests you could send per second was pretty low, especially for a chatlog.

I know Guilded is basically Discord, just owned by Roblox, and I thought I read somewhere that you can use Guilded for chatlogs without risking being rate limited. This was awhile ago, so I wanted to know if anyone uses Guilded for chatlogs, or you know of any good proxy servers I can use for discord webhooks. Thanks.

I never used guided nor read its tos but I am pretty sure that guided applies rate limits as discord, not applying one is basically an invite to get spammed. I would recommend you to read guilded’s tos to see if it as discord prohibites the use of webhook for loggers and read the documentation.

Discord webhooks are actually illegal on Roblox but they do work well. See this for creating webhooks for roblox: Star Creator Join Notifier!

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I don’t know if they are illegal because a lot of people use them and are fine. I think they only become a problem when people start spamming through them. Plus, you would probably never get rated limited with the example you provided because the possibility of 10 star creators joining in a second are very low. I am making a chatlog, so the chances of there being 10 messages a second are a lot higher, which is why I’m worried about being rate limited, and then possibly banned from discord if it keeps happening.

I’ll read their TOS. If they do apply a pretty low rate limit, then do you have any proxy servers you use or any rate limiter for your webhook?

I think they’re illegal on discord but it works fine. Both will have low max limit for requests.

Edit: Guilded is allowed

You should respect platforms’ TOSes and not abuse them. Anyways you should host your own proxy (possibly a rotating one)

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