Should I use for my Discord webhook?

Webhook Proxy | Hyra
I have a few questions before someone says yes or no:

  • Is it secure? Would they be able to access my game or attack it?

  • Is there any information for the Argo Tunnel thing they use?

  • What are the only vulnerabilities with using this?

I dont think so, I have heard that its not recommended

Thats the only question i can answer

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You hearing it not being recommended was probably from people who didn’t use it or never put research into it.

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Wait, do you mean this?

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Lol, was just looking on that post. I did use this before, but I stopped since I suspected something wasn’t right. But I actually researched on the wrong spot, and it was all a mishap. But enabling 3rd party services does warn you about 3rd party attacks.

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