Should I use one script for each attack or should I use one big script for the Character?

I’m making a fighting game and players can choose different ‘classes’, each has a unique moveset. Though it got me thinking, should i have one script for each move or should I have one big script that has all the move code for the specific class?

i would rather an huge script, because it will save you time when you open roblox studio, imagine hving 100 classes, 100 scripts lul

only need some organization

i always do that because my script has over 10k lines, and when i want to check some specific section, i’ll just search the key word

                                           --Class A section -- 

-- etc

                                           --Class Z section -- 

                                           --Unknown Classes or Updates section -- 

and what t person below said will help even more

Not a big script, better a module that contains the functions for each movement.

local Movements = {}
function Movements.Kick()
    -- code

is a more orderly and easier way to read, if they are different characters and have very different things, you can make an OOP module for each one.