Should I use the Classic Haunted Mansion as a Map?

Hey everyone., I’ve a quick question. I’ve been debating for a long time now whether or not to include the ROBLOX Classic map ‘Haunted Mansion’ as one of the rotating maps in my upcoming game. I found the game file on my old harddrive months ago and thought it would be a fun, nostalgic map to include in my game. I later discovered that plenty of games use this map themselves, and I decided I didn’t want to look like I am a copycat or a thief of ideas from someone else.

I would like to use the map, especially right now, as I have very few maps that are ready to be used in the game, and I’ve gotten feedback that my game needs more maps before release. I’m wondering if I would receive hate for jumping on this ‘trend’ or be accused of copying, or is this a commonly known available map on ROBLOX? It would suit my game’s genre and would increase the amount of maps available at launch. What’s your opinion? Thanks in advance.

  • Include The Map
  • Do Not Include The Map
  • Include The Map, But Slightly Redesign it From Original
  • Other? [COMMENT]

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Redesign it to your game style!


try to make a revamp of the map, clean up parts, improve the sky, there is a ton you can do

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Personally, I would redesign it like adding more furniture, adding new areas etc.

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Personally I see people who just use old Roblox maps for games that aren’t specifically aiming for ‘old Roblox’ are just lazy.

Whatever the case is, use whatever you’d like though!