Should I use this map style?

I am preparing to build an alpha map for my large scale military shooter game. Do you guys think this style would be good for this type of game? If not, what style do you think I should use?

I’m asking because I’ve tried to experiment with maps a few times and wasn’t satisfied. I know there are many good builders here so please share your thoughts!
Edit: I just made this demo in a few minutes to show the style


It really depends on other aspects of the game, if the map is large then you might want to take performance of lower end pcs into consideration etc. Overall its up to your personal preference. In my own opinion I really like this style and you definitely have some building potential.


Yes, the foresty style is very fitting. Although I recommended making more trees or making the current ones thicker. Making brush is also recommended.


I think this style looks great and would love to see what you do with it. I do agree in a way with the trees being a bit narrow, but I understand that having more narrow trees help in the shooter side of the game.


Thanks for the feedback. I will start the process of planning out the map and make a topic showing it off when I am done!

It looks good! I would however change the materials of some objects because right now it all looks kinda the same using the grass material. Maybe use slate or smoothplastic depending on what you like.

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is it very cool! You should keep it!

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Does look good but if it’s a Military/War game the grass and leaves could get a bit darker to match the military theme.
And well that’s only my opinion do what you want.


Looks eally Good For A Shooter Game. But The Grass Should Be A Little Darker.

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The setting fits the theme.

To make it look better, you may want to try out a more realistic style of build, unless of course you want to keep it as it is. The new/updated grass feature may also look nicer.