Should Voxel parts be consistent

So I wanna make a voxel game but to get good details I have to use smaller parts


The tree parts are 1 by 1 but for the basket the parts are 0.153 by 0.153

Basically Im asking if people would care? should I make the part size consistent? Or should I focus on what size gives the best details for the object Im working on?

Mixed pixel/voxel sizes are called mixels.
If the basket can move, rotate etc. independent of any voxel grid, then you may as well have mixels. You’re not constrained to the grid anyway, as you’re not actually using a voxel grid.
The shooter game Ace of Spades also had mixed, rotated etc. voxels. The world was rigidly cubical and voxelly, because it was using an actual voxel data structure (x * y * z), but the characters were free to move around, Minecraft-like, although unlike in Minecraft, the characters were also voxelized (3d pixelized)

Yeah but my problem is would players care? Obviously Im going to need to have players rotate and what not as having the parts appear and disapear to create animations and movement would create lag and need alot of scripting skill, if you saw different sized (mixels) to create different levels of detail would you think it goes against the style and ruins the feel or would you enjoy the extra details?

i’m sorry, but a person that would nitpick that is probably boring irl

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I personally don’t think they would. It’s common anyway (In fact, you won’t find any games where all effects, characters etc. are rendered in a voxel grid anyway, other than PICO-8 3D)

Which style? What feel? Try it and make your own style and feel.


Don’t think people would care much whether it’d consistent or inconsistent however as a builder who’s style is voxel (improvised) too, I personally think it’s best if you do random sizes so it adds a lil’ flavor or personality over the design. But anyways, in making these parts, just know that your are the creator and you are in control over how your game will feel and look like so the point is that it’s up to you to decide how results will turn out, hope this helps somehow.