Should we add "objectives" to our game?

It seems to be that a major problem in our game is it being to repetitive.

So, to solve that problem, I thought that we could maybe add objectives, which would be little side things that you have to do in order to win.

I thought this was a good idea because it would make the game more complex, force people to explore more(and find interesting secrets), and it would force more competition, since there could be a limited amount of the resources you’d need to complete these side quests.

However, then I realized that it might result in the game being way too hard, or the players being frusterated when they can’t complete the side quests because of other reasons(WiFi, etc).

Could you all play the game and tell me whether or not objectives would improve the game?

The game: Maze Craze 🕵️ [SECRETS + UPGRADES] - Roblox

How much would objectives improve the game(and why).
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Thank you for your time!

~ NinjaFactory

Yes, objectives should very much so be added. Maybe in the form of new game modes upon map selection or something similar, but as of right now from the time I spent playing it definitely needs objectives to complete.

If you played around the time that you’d replied, that would mean that I’d already had added objectives by then. Are they not what you imagined, or did you just not notice?

I played for a bit longer again and noticed the top right had objectives, but only in one gamemode. If these are the objectives that are being talking about then they are fine, though they should be in every round of the game and maybe more difficult, but if they aren’t the objectives you are referring to then maybe the objectives should be easier to find? Then again, objectives is a really broad term and you could be referring he leveling up or upgrading system (both are good!) or something else.

I was talking about the objectives on the top right, and I can make them avalible for all gamemodes. I haven’t done that yet, since I just added it yesterday! But anyways, making the objectives harder is easier then making it less difficult, believe it or not, so that I can do!

Make them have sense, amen make them hard but not too hard and taht should be good…

If you will add a story (which you should) then make the objectives go with the story