Should you just quit developing if you can't help your game financially?

so, I created a a game, I’ve worked lots on it, and I’m positive it’s a good, reliable and working game, but however, I have not been able to promote by game enough because I haven’t had enough robux to spend on ads and sponsor the game.
I’ve heard about users spending 1-10k robux on a game, but what if you don’t have that much?, should you just quit?.
I would be able to spend 1k, but that would be all I have to spend and I fear not getting back much robux, should I just give up, or spend what I have and hopes it cuts and pastes?.


I have never made a successful game myself (yet), but watching many other people try has taught me a few thing that I make sure to follow for my current projects and all future ones.

  1. This one is the one I see the most and I see a reflection of it in your post. You cant put your cart before your horse. (Don’t get ahead of yourself) Don’t put an ad out before testing with friend other players and just finding out 100% what you want your game to be and who will play it.

  2. Know your target audience and find the right community with similar interest and share it. If people like it they will play it, hopefully after a while it grow in popularity.

  3. Have fun. Put your personality into the game. Have a good time!


No offence, I view obby games as low quality games. Your game seems like a copy of many obby games which goes to my main point: this is a market and everyone is competing against each other. If your game is no better or the same compared to the ones that are already front page, chances are that it won’t go well.

Now onto your main point, no you shouldn’t give up, everyone starts from somewhere. That being said you need to work yourself to save up to advertise (do commissions, real life jobs, etc). Failure is a possibility but those who don’t fail don’t learn.


Not all obby games, but yes a lot of obby games are low quality

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First of all, your game is basically just an obstacle course, or otherwise referred to as an “obby.” These types of games are plastered everywhere on the ROBLOX platform. For example, just type “obby” into your games search engine.

Players are looking for a game that’s immersive, and has more tasks than just running through an obstacle course. When you finish the obby, you’re done with it. You can go over it again, but it eventually gets boring for the players.

I would suggest creating a game from your own imagination. Add and mix some interactions with the game. If you’re stuck there, try taking an existing genre, such as Fallout or Star Wars, and combine it with something else. From there, you have a completely new idea that is separate, new, and original compared to simple “obby” games.

The downside of this is, you still need advertisement. But, advertisement does not require paying with money sometimes. You can pass the word around your friends, and in return, they’ll tell their friends the game exists, and so on. Go ahead and give it a shot!


Advertising is absolutely not necessary. It can boost your playerbase growth a lot but it’s not the main way to gather players. The main way is: Make your game, make sure its fun and replayable, test it a bit, then share it with people (for example on Discord servers or this devforum). If your game is fun and players want to return to it, you’ll watch your playerbase grow. On the other hand, if you just screw up entire game design and just throw 2 millions into advertising, your game might go popular for a few days but will die quickly.

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One thing I want to tell you is, if you are in developing for the money, you can’t be sure that your heart is in it. Don’t be afraid of failure.

Anyway, no, of course you don’t need ads to make games. From my personal experience (as a Roblox player) I never click ads, unless its a particularly, well, unusual one. For example, annoying ones like “I spent all my birthday money on this ad, now click me”. I only click on those to spite them.

If you want to keep players at your game, you need more scripting and features. Obbies just won’t cut it. There are just way too many of them anyways (too much competition), and most of the Roblox community view them as bad quality games, as they are the stepping stones of new developers. Its perfectly fine that no one is playing your game, just keep trying. take failed games as a lesson. Use them to increase your experience, eventually you will make a game that will become popular, as long as you don’t give up. However, its very unlikely for it to reach front page, as those games are only like fifty or a hundred out of legit millions of games