Show a angle measurement value when rotating on the Rotate Tool

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too difficult to count or value an estimate of how many degrees’ you’ve rotated on many parts or a singular part to determine a certain value that you need to rotate and to determine how far positive or negatively you need to rotate to for a angle measurement.

Anyway, with a legacy rotation system that I don’t see too many developers use called the Transform tool/rotation back-up, I feel like adding a feature that the Transform tool uses to have which is the degree value of how far you’ve rotated a part/model with it and that should be combined with the new lua draggers that were released not too long ago. With such a feature to be added to the Rotate tool inside Roblox Studio, it would be beneficial for me as I usually count the lines of the Rotate tool and figure out with all the right angles on the tool itself.

The Transform tool isn’t being very used much and I sometimes use that to determine angle measurements that are needed for a prop or object(s) such as a house or a tree. With something like this being introduced and added to the Rotate Tool, it’ll be helpful and will have many use-cases for development and don’t have to flip through tool by tool. I’ve gathered some images and a video of both tools:


Some images of both the Rotate Tool and the Transform Tool:



If Roblox is able to address this feature, it would improve my development experience and my development workflow significantly up because it would and will be easier for me or other developers to understand and read carefully or find a perfect rotation for models/parts inside Roblox Studio instead of reading and counting lines on the full rotation to checkhow many lines or degrees you need to rotate for a certain angle.

I could just use my brain and count the lines and do some math in my head, but I’ve tried this sometime and I get distracted easily that I loose count of each line and a bit hard when I “multitask”.