Show a list of all services separate from classes

As a Roblox developer, I want to be able to see all of the services in the engine so I can see at a glance what possibilities there may be for me to take advantage of. It might also be cleaner to remove services from the classes list so they exist only in a list dedicated to services.

I want this list accessible right via this left menu in the same way you’d go here to see the classes list. Roblox Engine API Reference | Roblox Creator Documentation

As a new developer, and even now as an experienced developer, simply seeing that there is e.g. AnalyticsService, TweenService, TextService, PhysicsService would pique my curiosity and lead me to discover more of what is possible on Roblox, and may help me solve long-outstanding issues in my experience. Currently, it’s extremely difficult if not completely impossible to discover a lot of what Roblox has to offer as built-in functionality.

In my case, I went here looking for a way to send in-game notifications, and I wanted to see if there were any services that I wasn’t aware of that might be able to do that.

(There was not, it turns out the way to do this is through SetCore which is absurdly esoteric and impossible to find via documentation search.)