Show a summarization of group payouts

Currently, the Summary section of the Transactions tab just shows a summary of earnings from all group sources. This makes it difficult to determine how much we’re actually earning from various groups, especially since group payout percentages spam the Group Payouts page. I believe this could be improved in a very simple way:

Instead of showing “Group Payouts” and “Group Premium Payouts” as just a summarization of all groups, there could be an arrow you click that toggles showing all groups that you’ve received payouts from in the selected time period that add up to the summarization.


Awesome suggestion CrimsonForce…
As a developer, I understand the importance of clear and concise payout summaries. When it comes to these stacking transactions, it’s especially important to have transparency and clarity. One solution to the issue of overwhelming payout notifications could be to provide a single summarization of all payouts received within a specific time frame. This could be done through a monthly or quarterly statement that lists all payouts and their corresponding dates and amounts. By consolidating this information, it would be easier for individuals to track their earnings and understand their financial situation. This would also reduce the clutter in their payouts and provide a more streamlined experience for everyone.
Overall, clear and concise communication is key, especially when it comes to finances.