Show all recent games on the "My Recent" page

Hey there!

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to view all of the recent games that you have played on your Roblox account, like the first game you played on the account, or want to re-visit an old game that you had in mind after some time.

Here is an example of the My Favorite page, it would show all of the games when you scroll down until you reach the first game you favorite.


Now here in the My Recent page, it just goes on until you reach the bottom, which just stops and doesn’t continue on.


Currently, you can view all the favorite games that you have favorited on the My Favorite page, which is useful for users on the platform to view their favorite games, but on the My Recent page you can’t view the games.

If this was implied into the website, it would improve gameplay experience and for some users finding our their first-ever game because it would help out users who want to go back to the past of their accounts on which games were created back then when they were around, or especially some OG players on the platform, like me to find out some games that they liked but forgot over time.


I 100% support this idea. There are probably thousands of cool games i have played but i cannot find them due to the limited amount of games in the Recently Played area.