Show amount of players online for CreatePlaceAsync

I’m creating a uses CreatePlaceAsync for matches, but I want the amount of players on the game included so my game can be featured on the front page if it gets popular.

Don’t you mean “instead of only showing the players in the hub of an universe, show all players across both the hub and sub-places of the universe”?

Since you can both get sub-places for your universe through :CreatePlaceAsync and by adding them manually. Possibly through :CreatePlaceInPlayerInventoryAsync too, but who uses that? :uhhh:

I think if the Template place you are CreatePlaceAsync() from is apart of the universe, the generated server will count towards the places current players online.

I for one haven’t seen any issues with this. But if your talking about the Recently Played section, that part will only show the number of players at the Main hub part of the game.

my game is HHCL Lobby, which shows 14 players online (I should of circled it)

Oh so it already does it? I should’ve done some more researching before posting this e.e