Show Deprecated slider is very small

This is a bit of a nitpick, but it is an issue I thought was worth mentioning since it caused me a bit of a headache.

I was browsing through the Roblox Api without my glasses and I tried pressing the switch for deprecated but it took me a good minute to land the hit. Would appreciate if this was somehow altered for mobile!

Here’s how it looks:


Just for completeness sake, it looks like you’re using Safari on iOS – what versions of these are you using?

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I am using iOS 13.3.1, the version of safari that ships with it since to my knowledge versions of safari are linked with iOS version.

Also, to troubleshoot further, I went into Microsoft Edge, a chromium based browser and found the same issue, albeit with a separate different one?

The slider is still very small and the font weirdly enough is different from safari. The latter issue is probably meant to happen but I found it interesting.

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To clarify, the new Edge and it is the latest version.