Show image of controller on GamePad Input article

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This page can benefit from having a diagram of what each GamePad-related keycode is mapped to on a controller. Being able to quickly reference from a picture allows developers to more quickly get the information they need and get back to work.

Something close to this (made by @Ozzypig on his cheat sheet)

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Page URL: Gamepad Input


That’s an xbox 360 controller, roblox only works on xbox one and the series x/s. They should use a picture of the xbox one controller.

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roblox works on the series x and s

Oh, right. I forgot about those. The controller looks almost exactly the same though. They only added a screenshot button.

Those are details that aren’t very important. The article only needs the image for KeyCode references

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I know, I was just saying that since you said that roblox was only on the xbox one

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yes they are important, imagine showing a 360 controller control sheet on the xbox one or xbox series
that’s dumb

That’s unnecessarily pedantic. The controller layouts are nearly similar and would cover all the buttons Roblox supports with services working with input in any case.

It’s not important at all what controller is displayed, plus the image in the OP is just an example. Something being perceived as “dumb” does not influence importance. This did not need to be a comment.

The point is to have a reference picture at all.


Interestingly enough, the controller image (similar to the one in the OP) actually did appear on the page until about 2 years ago in where the image was removed!

did roblox ever say anything about why they removed it? :thinking:

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No, it seems there was no response, however it did show an xbox 360 controller so that could have been the issue.

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