Show me your Roblox fanart

Is there any artist that drew Roblox fanart ?
Show me, show us what you did :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve drew those fanart since I joined:

-A fanart of a friend and I.

Wow, you’re pretty good. I really like that robot on the third image.
I don’t do a lot of Roblox art, but I have done some over time

I could use your services :wink:

Great job! :smiley:

These images are by Curavis who is a great builder and 2D artist on ROBLOX who is unfortunately not a part of RbxDev to share these, so, with his consent, here is some of his artwork:

A couple of me:

Haunted Mansion

I know this thread is a few months old, but it looks like the other fan art/drawings thread is no longer existent.

Anyway, I drew this mainly for the name. I call it “ROBLOX ROBLOX Fan Fan Art”.

I drew another thing.

Edit: Just remembered this is a ROBLOX fan art thread, not art in general. Sorry.


Was testing my graphics tablet when I got it during Christmas 2013…

I love fan art, and these are all really awesome. Great work everybody!

I think mine is the best : 3




This one isn’t as good as my other

Oh hey Zeekerss, I’ve got you on my top 5 scripters list on my profile :stuck_out_tongue: I love your games, they have such good story, and they look amazing.

I’m not an artist, but:

Wonuf made me this thumbnail:

Dragonsboat made my avatar.

Edit: Actually, I’m pretty proud of myself for this:[spoiler]


The base textures for the grate and the metal border around the grate were from Google images, but without any tutorials I managed to make it look like there were 3D gaps between the tiles by using some plain white/black lines around the edges. The holes in the grate were just cut out using the rounded-rectangle tool.

I have no clue how to make digital art linework both clean and complex because I’m still a huge noob.

I’ve drawn some ads and icons and thumbnails and stuff, and they feature roblox so they count I guess… Although none are really fun or complex

EDIT: I should mention I made those ads for a game by Usering

I’m too lazy to show it now, use this link instead.