Show more information on when Pending Sales go through

As a Roblox developer, it is hard to know when my pending sales will go through because it is not documented anywhere on the website in a user-friendly way what the threshold in days is for this to happen. If the threshold ever changes, it is impossible to know about this unless Roblox announces/documents it. This is bad, because I should not have to rely on Roblox communicating this properly to know when I / my group will receive the pending R$, I should be able to know this simply by browsing the relevant web pages.

I propose that, somewhere on the Summary page on the Trade/group admin pages, it should show you how long it takes for pending sales to be processed. A simple implementation is to put a dotted line under “Pending Sales” and to show a popup on hover that explains when Pending Sales go through to your account for you / your group to spend:


A more complicated implementation could show you exactly how much of the R$ you would be getting at what moments in time. (i.e. not just mentioning the threshold, but also a little graph/similar allowing you to see what portion of the Pending Sales you have currently amassed will be paid out at what time/day)

This topic was made because developers seem confused about whether the threshold is still 3 days, or whether it has been increased to 5+ days, or whether Pending Sales are broken entirely. Related development discussion topic:

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would give developers more transparency in how the Pending Sales threshold works without needing to rely on previous knowledge or announcements. Developers wouldn’t need to guess about the threshold or whether the feature is or isn’t working at any moment in time.