Show off your game jam submissions

Hi there everyone!

I’m making this thread for people to show off their games submitted for a game jam.

For example, I’ve submitted this game, for the Connect Challenge 2022 which had a 48 hour time limit (made with @Ty_Scripts, @TmsDevv, and @TeaCem).

When replying, please state what game jam it’s been made for (it doesn’t matter whether it’s an official Roblox game jam or not), and state the time limit and the team members that worked on the game jam.

If you want to, feel free to add a description describing the game. It would also be helpful to people viewing knowing what the theme was for the game jam.



^ This is my Game Jam entry for the 2022 Gnome Jam. Hosted by none other than the Youtuber @GnomeCode himself! This game is heavily unfinished It is NOT a real game. The time limit was 4 days, the theme was the shed you see your self in. You had to include the model in some way or form. This GameJam was entirely Roblox games. You should check his channel out! I don’t when his next game jam will be but I am super excited for it!


I’ve just taken a look at it, and I have to say it’s not very clear on what to do (all I can see is that there’s a ladybug and spider that tries to attack me), and the sprinting function doesn’t look to be available on mobile.

But either way, good effort!

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Thanks, like I said It was VERY unfinished. The idea was that you would explore a big world full of bugs and stuff kind of like the game Grounded. Thanks for checking it out though!

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Hey guys! We need some more replies here! I need to know where I can do more game jams!!

Gnomecode only does one about every half a year! I NEED TO GAME JAM.

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