Show off your VFX/Attack animations

So I just love seeing people’s VFX and attack animations, and learning new techniques from the creators.
So post your favourite VFX here!



What you used to make it


Any tricks or special techniques you used

So the shield is just an ico sphere, bevelled, with the faces shrunk, and then the wave modifier (for the ripple) and then a cool material which i don’t even think will load into roblox when i import it.

For the fire I used spheres and the weight edit trick that everyone uses

A bit about the effect

I’m going to use the shield as the blocking effect in my upcoming strategy game (2022, hopefully)

Thanks for reading! And don’t be scared to post anything you think is bad - feedback is crucial in an artist’s journey.


I’m pretty new to VFX so I’m still not that good but heres some of mine

Edit: Made a new one

Just used very common strategies (vertex weight edit, mask, simple deform, the usual)


I make the following effects using a combination of basic art programs and, which is free and pretty reliable for what I do. The animations are kinda basic as animated gifs, but they look excellent and are very versatile when turned into particle effects.
This is my most used effect. It does well for explosions, smoke trails, or even fire. The in-game effect was given a blur because it’s otherwise pretty pixelated compared to other effects.
This is less used, but the sparkle effect in the second half of the animation works well for a lingering spark, which I use on the occasion.
Each individual spark is a different animation, but I clumped them together anyways. I offset the actual animation’s position so that when it comes to animating the particles in-game, giving the particles a random rotation and squash adds variety to how they look. Again, another commonly used animation.

Each of these are used in Pinball Planet, a game I made on my own to an extent. I’m pretty proud of it.
It’s been free to play pretty much since I’ve started working on it, so check it out if you haven’t already. :wink: