Show Original Audio Name When Deleted

I got a message today about a copyright takedown of a sound I uploaded to my group in 2017. The problem is, I have no idea what the name of the sound is. I’ve only uploaded around 10 or so audios to my group since it’s creation and they were all free to use background music for game menus.

Why am I not able to even see what the original name or description of the audio was or who claimed it as copyrighted content?

This restriction of information does not help me understand what was taken down or why…

Feature Request: Stop censoring everything or at least tell us the information when you send the removal message. Hiding this information helps literally nobody.


Yes please. I received a handful of copyright violations today from audios I uploaded years ago. I thought I archived ones I wasn’t able to use (and emailed ip_content_removal some years ago, but that didn’t help) so apparently I was wrong.

I went through and archived any more that I could find, but it’s a shame I’m unable to view the details of the content which taken down. My only hint are the comments, but many of them don’t mention the name whatsoever. I’m not sure if this will affect my account status, didn’t see anything mentioned about it. I’m not even sure if it was wrongly taken down or not, because I might’ve had the rights to use it, but that’s currently no longer possible.


I’ve archived audios that could be causing these reports, however I have no information about what audio got deleted so I can correlate the issue and remove audios from my content appropriately.

Providing context to deleted content prevents people from doing the same thing again.


same issue here

Would be useful to include the original name and description of the asset as well so we’re not left with confusion and thinking “what the heck got removed?!”


Agreed. Can we please have the name of the sound that was deleted? This is too minimum information, resulting in having to “game-hunt” for the id.


Roblox needs to show us this information in the instance that their takedown is incorrect and we need to countermand it. A lot of serious projects will have an incredible amount of audio uploaded to the platform and it is completely infeasible to expect that we’re tracking the fine details of every single asset, never mind not knowing who issued the takedown if further escalation is required.