Show player count on the favourite games page

A lot of the time when I’m looking for a game to play, I head over to my favourite games and click on every game I might want to play to see if there’s anyone else playing it. However, sometimes I just can’t be bothered to check every game because of slow internet or some other reason, and therefore end up not playing any game and going offline.
Sure, this probably isn’t a problem if you’ve only got popular games favoured, but I think most people have at least a couple of games that aren’t very popular in their favourites. If not, then they will in the future.

To solve this, simply add a player count next to the useless “Offsale” text.

If Roblox were to reinstate this, it would be easier and faster to find a game you enjoy to play, thus bringing up the player engagement for that game. After all, your favourite games are your favourite games; the games you’ll be coming back to periodically.

Current favourites page



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