Show players usernames when logged out

Whenever logged out of your account on roblox, you will notice that whenever you go onto a players profile and you look at their friend list pop out it will show the players avatar, yet it doesn’t show their username under their avatar. I don’t know if this is a bug or not, correct me if I’m wrong. Yet whenever you click on “See All” you can then see the players usernames but why not on the pop out part of the friends list?

Also whenever you click on “See All”, and you’re on that players friends list you will also notice that it doesn’t show the players status at all when logged out and looking at the players actual friends list page.


I can’t reproduce this, are you using any browser extensions? Does this happen in a different browser (what is your browser)?

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It occurs on Google and Opera from my experience, I have no extensions enabled on Google and it shows the same issue.

Thanks for the report, this should be resolved


It’s still happening on the mobile app on every profile.