Show script list on Gui

Hello, I have a list in a script and I would like to make it appear on a ScrollingFrame in the form of a button to display more information when we click on it.
The problem is that I do not know how to do it, I am looking at it and I am seeing systems that used “for” but I do not understand more

This is my list

local commandsList = {
	"TheCommand", "Command Usage", "Command Description"; 
	"tp", "<player1> <player2>", "Teleport Player To Other Player"

Clone a text label and set its text to properly explain the command, then put that text label inside the frame.

Each command and it’s information should be its own list inside of the list (as opposed to three different entries)


for index, commandInfo in pairs(commandsList) do
     local item = TextLabel:Clone()
     item.Text = commandInfo[1], commandInfo[2], commandInfo[3] -- however you want to display information
     item.Parent = Frame

Yes, except that I would like to do it with an order and not manually

So i edited this script for adjust it with my gui but i have error

You should be reformatting your commandsList into a list of lists.

local commandsList = {
	{"TheCommand", "Command Usage", "Command Description"},
	{"tp", "<player1> <player2>", "Teleport Player To Other Player"}
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This is patch the error message but nothing apenening and i have this

im dump, i having disabled the script, is work but i have the error on script

Hey! finally, thanks to the help of MayorGnarwhal and 2/3 modification in the script, everything works fine!