Show user ads on mobile devices


As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to reach out to your target audience through ads. For games such as *ADOPT ME!* and other games, you need to reach out to smaller audiences. Most of these young kids use mobile devices because they are easier to navigate on and affordable. Which is why I want to add ADS, not sponsored games, to mobile devices.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT to discriminate age guys! Lots of people play on mobile, even older kids, and anyone can play any Roblox game. I am just saying that mostly younger kids play a certain group of games and a certain group of kids mostly play a certain group of games. DO NOT BE OFFENDED IF YOU PLAY GAMES INTENDED FOR YOUNGER KIDS. THAT IS PERFECTLY FINE!!!

Why should we do this?

We should add ads for mobile devices for a number of reasons:
  1. Discovery: Think about it, folks. Games targeted to younger audiences need to be discovered somehow, so how do we do it? Sponsored ads are hard to discover, and are scattered throughout the games page, and this sometimes works, but it might not be enough.

  2. A second method of advertising: Sometimes, sponsorships alone aren’t enough to get players in your game. You need ads to really convince the player to play your game. On sponsorships, you can’t convey your game in just the logo. You need to click on the game to see the description and thumbnails and REALLY understand the game. With ads, you can add a catchphrase which summarizes your game, or you can show players playing it and what they are doing, or both! You just can’t do that with sponsored games.

  3. Placement: Sponsored games are placed randomly through the games page, while ads are placed at the home page, games page, and any other page for that matter. They are much easier to discover and use!

  4. Roblox player base: Because Roblox is targeted towards a younger audience, it makes sense why we should be advertising to these users. After all, Roblox is made mostly for kids (I don’t necessarily agree with this, I think Roblox should be targeted for everyone, but it is just the way things are)

How would we implement ads on mobile?

My idea was to make ads on the smaller side. Banner and skyscraper ads only. Here’s a quick idea I had for the homepage (I made this on my younger brothers account because he uses mobile):

You can see how the ad fits well aesthetically and how it has rounded corners. And best of all, it doesn’t mess the screen up and make it so players can’t play. Also, it still has the “Report ad” feature.


Ads for mobile users would be a good addition to the Roblox platform because of the targeted audience. Kids love games and it would be a great chance for smaller devs to get some more players playing their games! If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because it would allow developers who make games for kids to get their games popular quicker and with more ease! Thank you for viewing, and have a good day!