Show Verified badge on the Developer Forum

Since Roblox’s addition of the Verified badge, anywhere on the platform that a notable experience/content/UGC creator’s handle can be viewed has this icon next to their name:


The Developer Forum does not have this feature:


For consistency’s sake, it would make sense if the Verified badge was visible on the devforum subdomain as well.


For bragging rights damn share some of that with me :frowning:

I agree but Idk already in Roblox games kids go cuckoo bulooku but people are more mature so it makes sense


I don’t think this is a good feature to add, as it would cause more bad than good. There is no real need for a verified badge on the DevForum in the first place. It wouldn’t give any benefits in my opinion and would just be there as eye candy.

I wouldn’t call “consistency” a real reason to add a verified badge, though it would make sense in some aspects.

TL;DR: There isn’t much benefit of adding a verified badge


I would, because it’s already in every nook and cranny of the main Roblox website. Why neglect the Verified badge from a very important aspect of Roblox in the DevForum?

Beyond consistency, which is actually important, the DevForum is one of the most important places the Verified badge should be. It can let you see if the post you’re reading is from a trustworthy source.


I think that is a good Idea for many reasons because some people say they are “verified”.
Some accounts are made just for the reason of misleading others.


The absence of the verified badge ensures that discussions are based on knowledge rather than the reputation associated with it. By refraining from displaying the badge, everyone’s contributions are evaluated solely on the basis of their content, expertise, and the value they bring to the discussion. The absence of the verified badge on the forum allows for an inclusive environment where discussions are solely based on expertise provided by each individual. The forum’s current approach fosters a sense of community and encourages participation from all developers, leading to a more enriching experience for everyone.


Why are you writing this like some sort of corporate statement? If you do use the DevForum for resources to help with your projects, finding trusted sources actually does matter. Particularly, inexperienced developers may not always be able to “evaluate solely on the basis of content and expertise,” so other things like the post’s likes and the Solution indicator do help. The Verified badge could be an additional indicator on top of those.

Again, this feature is also important just for consistency. It’s only a matter of time before it’s implemented, only that the topic hasn’t already been posted. Roblox clearly wants to show the Verified badge across the site, so it makes sense to include it here as well.


This sounds like a good idea. However, I don’t really think it has any benefits as people with a badge like that are already popular and recognizable on the forum.


Please don’t. In the short term, this would be good, but in the long term, I can picture a lot of immature <13 users who are lying about their age just to spam message devs who have the verified badge.

I hope I’m wrong though.

I don’t get messages like that on, and my messages are open to everyone. I doubt that would be a problem here, so I think the benefit outweighs the cost.

As someone with a verified badge on the Roblox platform; I personally would not like to have my verified badge on here as I personally think it would be a distraction. Yes, it may have some good edge cases, but I personally think that having the badge not exist here is a good thing. The verified badge is good for the main site and in-game to prevent impersonators there, but I don’t see a requirement for it here since all it takes is a single click to see the validity of a user regardless if they have a badge on Roblox or not.
Make it 2 if you click on their Roblox profile to see the verified badge as I do see you have as well.


Thank you for the feedback!

While this is true, I am not suggesting that the verified badge be added here in order to prevent impersonators. I don’t know if that’s the reason that the badge was added in the first place, but it certainly makes sense.

I think it would work to provide a sense of reputation about a poster in the same way this Staff icon does:

It’s a minor way of letting you know more about the person and their credentials.

You posted this image:

I can assume you mean that those tags/badges already serve as good indicators of a poster’s credibility.

Frankly, I didn’t know these existed publicly on people’s profiles, let alone in the pop-up when you click on a poster’s icon. I guess I wasn’t looking carefully. It’s certainly a better indicator of credibility than the Verified badge, and I’m sure I’ll use it a lot in the future.

However, for sitewide consistency I still think that it makes sense to show the Verified badge on the DevForum.

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I certainly do not hope to see verified badges on the DevForum, even if that may be ‘inconsistent’. The primary goal of the verified badge is to identify authentic accounts [source: Roblox Help].

This is to solve a problem on the Roblox platform, but the DevForum doesn’t have this issue.

I understand you worked hard for it and want recognition, but try to see the broader picture.

On the Roblox platform, the main factor is popularity. The verified badge indicates: “this guy seems pretty popular, and we verified it’s the real one”.

On the DevForum, however, the main factor is knowledge. All the discussions, help topics and bug reports exists to share knowledge between developers and between staff. A verified badge would henceforth communicate the message: “this guy is well-knowledged and we verified it’s the real one”.

This effect is shown on platforms as YouTube, Twitter (now diminishing since it can be bought) and pretty much any social media. The checkmark gives a false sense of trust and authority.

Is it consistent to implement an element that communicates a different message?

Fame ≠ knowledge, stupid luck & right timing is way more influential for success on the platform (and thus getting verified).

I can keep going on this, but this wall is already getting pretty long, you get the point ;p


I have to agree with the others in this topic, we already have a little graphic next to our name that we choose to represent what we work in Roblox wise be it models, scripting, game design, etc. A verified badge does not help anyone here if they are trying to figure out what questions to ask you in discussion, which here is going to be development related, not how to get clicks on youtube. Even if you did show the verified badge, is it going to stack next to the other badges we already have? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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