Show VIP Server Recurring Purchases on Purchases Tab

Over the past year, I have been losing robux from VIP servers, going completely undetected and myself being unable to view the payments in the purchases tab. This is extremely sketchy and I am completely unaware that robux is taken out of my balance most of the time. This becomes a nuisance when you are extremely close to a devex threshold, only to have robux taken out of your balance and you not knowing which VIP server it came from without extensive research.

For example, almost 300 robux was taken out of my balance today and I have no evidence to show where the robux went. 300 is very little robux, but built up over weeks it can be a substantial amount.

(All my purchases from August so far.)

Something like this maybe? Thank you @ValueKing!

Please notify us of recurring payments for VIP servers. This has become increasingly annoying and it is unfair that we have to keep track of our active VIP servers.


Huge support! Always knowing purchases occuring on accounts should be very important.


yea I recently found a vip server I had active despite haven’t using it since I first purchased it, I wasn’t aware R$ was being taken out of my account because nothing shows in purchases until I scroll way down.

While this is a minor case, only 4 months and the vip server was cheap at only 50R$, the concept still applies where I wasn’t had been aware of R$ was being removed from my account.

had the renewal showed in purchases I would’ve cancelled the subscription months ago.

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Currently, I lose around 100 robux per month due to VIP servers that I forget to close that I don’t use, it appears as just randomly having lost these robux without any reason as there is no way of seeing why it has been lost. At the moment, Roblox does not show this in the purchases tab either which makes the user believe even more that they are just randomly losing robux.

To fix this, Roblox could simply add a pop up when you go on the website asking “Would you like to keep paying for VIP server xxx” or just adding a VIP Server renewal to the purchases tab.

FYI you can see your VIP servers from your inventory, but this doesn’t solve the problem of knowing where your Robux are going and when, and you can’t tell which of these servers you’re currently paying for versus the ones you’ve cancelled payment on.


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