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howdy, everyone!

here’s my first ever showcase! i thought i would share with you what i have so far. this showcase is a representation of the afterlife, there aren’t any religious themes in it, i just wanted to convey a sense of peace and tranquility

you can find the showcase here

things i still need to do:

  • add various plants other than just grass
  • interior on house
  • minor details and fixing up things
  • maybe make the boats rideable??

feel free to give me any feedback or questions you may have

make someone’s day better!


There are only 3 things I dislike about your game which are;

Your game, whilst it has some damn nice aesthetics, feels rather empty especially due to the main building (the house) being unfinished. So… as you said:

The second thing I took notice of is the lack of sound; at least for me because after asking two other players if they heard noticeable sounds, they assured me they did.

So it might just be my bad ears but it won’t hurt to check on other people’s opinions if the background volume should be raised or not.

Third and lastly, the terrain, it looks like you’ve auto-generated it, created an island on which the main house sits on, a river and checked off the grass decoration button.

This showcase deserves so much better terrain so work on that.

Other than that you really achieved your goal of:

and I would love to follow up on this showcase development :+1:


thanks for the feedback! i checked and made sure the audio was working properly, but i’ll go back again and try to make it more noticeable. i have some other ideas as far as where to expand this showcase, so i’ll definitely check in and give updates.

The ambient sound effects are indeed present yet faint. I had to put both my in-game and speaker volume to max to even notice it. I do also agree that the terrain can be smoothed out a bit.

With that being said, I believe your showcase is living up to the peaceful atmosphere you’re aiming for. :palm_tree:

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i think the terrain surrounding the path was very pretty, but it lacked in other places as goldencowboy had already mentioned. for a first i’d change the walls of just pure (or mostly) dirt

small thing but with the sun in the intro section so close to the portal, i think it’d look nicer centered. overall it’s a really neat showcase

can i ask how you made the flowers? they were cool

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thanks for the feedback! i’m glad you said something about the flowers, i actually just recently added them so i was wondering how they looked.

so basically i just used transparent parts with flower decals i made on top. i then used a plugin called brushtool which basically allows you to paint areas with different parts at random sizes and shapes. ill be adding some more plants but i’m glad that it looks decent.

I’m not a great builder myself, but you should consider removing some group of grass that was misplaced off from the terrain. Because you know, little details might matter, especially when it comes to a showcase/representation game.

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where is this grass? or are you just talking about in general

You’ll catch it if you closely look at the edges of the terrains.

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ah okay, thanks for telling me this!