Showcase feedback needed

I have recently finished my second showcase, called “Overgrown”


It was inspired by Hodicus’ showcase and was meant to be as detailed as I could make it. It might be laggy for some people, but I hope most of you will be able to use max graphics to see all the details and effects.
Please tell me about mistakes/improvements I can consider in my future showcases.

Game link:


Wow this is really good. The trees could look a bit better but, overall amazing job!

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I have no words. This is amazing! It’s incredible to see what realistic things people can make with Roblox nowadays.

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Thank you (@WeeniesWrath @zCrxtix) I tried my best.
I think of changing the trees tho since a friend of mine gave me much more detailed ones.

Wow looks amazing! Great job! :+1:

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It was highly detailed considering most games on Roblox. For me, I didn’t have any major FPS drops, I maintained a good 50-60 FPS. I do believe the game can lag some players with low-end PCs, but a nice showcase overall.

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