[Showcase] Firefly Quarry

Hey Everyone,

Today I released my first ever showcase called Firefly Quarry, which you can find here. I tried to make this showcase feel as cozy and alive as I could, so I added a lot of sound effects, dynamic scenery and environmental interactions. I am very happy with how it turned out, but I would also like to know what you guys think!

The game is available on all platforms, but in case you cannot join the game at the moment, please enjoy these media instead!


And here’s a quick video for good measure.


Very creative build and the lighting is superb. This could honestly be a map and even a game lobby!

This looks amazing, keep on that great work!

I like the butterflies, looking good!

I think you did an amazing job on this. The music was a bit unfitting, though, because of all of the birds and such, yet the only living thing I could see where butterflies, and Im pretty sure that butterflies don’t chirp :joy:.
I also noticed that the waterfall was unnaturally straight :unamused:.

If the waterfall is clipping or looking very straight it’s probably the graphics quality being set to low. I do agree on the bird sounds, however there are seagulls flying over every minute!

Oh my the design is super cute. This looks super aesthetically pleasing.

Question: How long did you spend on this?

Hard to put it into numbers, but it was completed over the course of about 2 months. I worked on it multiple days a week and during those days I worked for an hour or two, sometimes more. That being said, I have used some assets from earlier work such as the butterflies and the pond flowers.

The lighting, atmosphere (including the sounds) and the design of the buildings is so cool.

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