[Showcase] Frozen Planet

Hey y’all! Today I was really inspired, and tried creating a game to showcase my terrain, lighting, and atmosphere capabilities. So I present to you: Frozen Planet. :snowflake:

You find yourself amid odd arches made of ice. Rings clearly indicate you are not on planet Earth. The area around you is snowy and frozen, stretching as far as you can see.

Look! There’s Macaw!

So what do you guys think? :smiley:


It’s very bare, but a good starting point. I think there are way too many holes. I’d also recommend adding more terrain.


Looks good! You could definitely add more terrain but your terrain right now is good. Also the rings are really cool.:ok_hand:


Looks really good for a start! I recommend making the rings more natural.


Like the atmosphere however it’s quite simple and basic consider throwing more oddly shaped arches.

I definitely think the terrain is flat try adding some elevation or slope on the map maybe have hills or snowy mountains may be a sculpted head frozen in the ice could work if it’s needed. But in most of the areas. I do believe that you do want to have space so everything is not crammed, and cluttered with the parts, but there gets to the point where you have so much room that it feels empty.

Try adding some water with large pieces of ice floating in it if you feel the need to add more shapes arches around the terrain instead of having a plain approach would create a better feel to it adding more objects to fill in the empty flat space. It’s a nice attempt.

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