Showcase game and animation

Hey! I recently decided that I wanted to make a showcase game. It isn’t finished but it’s good enough. I wanna know what y’all think! (It looks better at night).

Link: Castle (Showcase) - Roblox

Also, I didn’t want to make another post for an animation so I’m just going to put it with this post, it’s somewhat of a spiderman animation.

(Sorry for the lag im trying to save up for a better pc)


did y;ou use blender for the animations? I like the map btw.

I walked through this map and I have to say… its awesome! I really like the lighting at night. And I like that you have a day/night cycle. All of the buildings just look great. Is this going to be a game? I think it should. I usually hate the ‘nearsighted’ blur effect, but it works in this map since its pretty compact and the effect isn’t overly blurred.

Your screenshots do not do it justice. I encourage everyone to go check this map out in person.