Showcase npc's, what are your thoughts?

Hi people, reacently i made NPC’s for my zoo tycoon game. and i would like to get some oppinions on it?


You can play it here: Zoo Tycoon - Roblox

The npc’s spawn in at a low rate as default, But if you place a NPC spawner. You can spawn more npcs in a short time (up to 500) to prevent lagging by user input.

If you have any tips for me to improve the npc’s, Dont be shy and post about it. I’m tottaly open for improvements.

I had a short go but did not get very far.
I selected the tutorial and got to the step of selecting build and then could not find out what to do with the fountain of light that appeared.
Wherever I clicked I got a red message about placing a path.
I am stuck at this point.
Can you give a hint as to what I should be doing?

The NPC’s are alright but…
When placing two stalls opposite and nothing else (as followed in the tutorial) NPC’s visit, buy something, teleport to a point where the park entrance is, and do the same thing in a loop. I feel like they aren’t refined to be a finished product yet.

I also struggled with the tutorial itself. The “paths” menu should be the first thing you see in build, instead I had to figure out that you had to scroll to see it. I would recommend changing the build menu to make it more user friendly.

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I happen to just have changed that if you play the tutorial now the menu changes dinamicly to the page the tutorial is about

Npc’s now have face expressions, if they cant find a path to the stall or place they want to go they get sad, followed up by that mad. the more sad/mad they are the higher the chance they leave.

If you scroll on the nav bar you will see a button with the text Paths on it. if you click it you will find the paths to place, i changed the tutorial now to always show the page the tutorial is about at that moment.

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