Showcase Of Menu Screen

This is actually a very old project that I was working on. I never finished it because I got bored with the concept. Although I was pretty proud of the loading screen, so I just decided to add it here.

The game was basically about you taking a midnight stroll, with the only light source being the light poles. As you looked down at your shadow, you noticed it started to change. Then, you realized that something was behind you. But it was too late.

And basically, the game would continue from there with lore and such.

Should I start working on this project again?
  • Yes
  • No

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Just wanna know, cause I might… once I finish the other two things I’m working on.


Very interesting concept with a very nice loading screen. Great job, dude!

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Looks nice and possibly interesting :sunglasses:

You can also probably try using the “new” UIGradient feature by inserting it into the frame and messing around with the transparency via a ramp so that it fades into it like well, a shadow.

Pog, keep on getting at it :+1:

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Looking back at the script, I thought it would be a bright idea to mush everything and script it all over the place instead of just having an organized system, so it’s very hard to find where I put all the camera scripts.

When I get the time, I will definitely see if I can extract the camera scripts from the rest of it, and I’ll get back to you when I find everything.

If you can’t wait that long… there’s a tutorial I found just now for creating an advanced menu with a camera script. If you wanna watch that, here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Who would say no to this. This is a great game idea.

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Very unique and interesting idea! Keep at it!

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Another tutorial that I’d recommend for a tad more “advanced”/nuance things is this one :wink:

totally not shameless self promotion right here


Wait your Future Noob?

Oh my gosh hi, I actually love your tutorials.

Not freaking out or anything…

I’m 100% going to watch this and use it for future games. Thank you so much!


Now that I just realised that it’s Future Noob, pretty cool to see ya here. It’s kind of funny that your game menus & scene tutorial was actually the first tutorial i watched from you. Thank you! :cool:


Very simple and clean, I love the background. Keep working on you project!

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