[SHOWCASE / TELEPORT] Roblox website but in SourceSans Pro

A website game inside a game. My project ongoing for 2020:

Main Gui

Was there something cool you thought about it?
What did you dislike about it?
Is there anything you want adding?

LINK TO GAME: www.roblox.com/games/4538272619/Revamping-Jailbreak-Teleporter

Update: The game is being completely changed (updated). may or not be out for a while. I’m working on mobile + larger game selections.

I’m leaking the new version because some more people was interested than I thought :eyes:


I think it looks really good, you should attempt to make a loading screen when you press play, like the one Roblox has. Mostly to add realism.


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I have a pre message for mobile users(kinda loading screen)

You’ll have seen here that the UI fits automatically for the device

Edit: I’m not currently very happy with the scripts. I’ll be cleaning them up using module scripts once I actually start work on Mobile.

Edit 2: I justed tested out mobile and it works very well!

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