[Showcase] Upcoming game Similare to GTA V Online

Hey guys,
I thought this was a good time to showcase some of our work me and my team did.
We started this project in january I believe and it’s turning out pretty great with some good progress on the map,vehicles,core system.
I am janik, 1 of the 2 scripters in this project. I am not going over the other members in this project, you can talk to them over our discord if you’re really interested.

Discord : Discord


So, what do we have so far? :

  • Fully working cars / helicopters
  • Every vehicle ingame is destroy and damageable with diffrent damage states (grey smoke → dark smoke → fire → explosion )
  • Realistic Tire popping driving experience. Depending on how many and which tire is popped the vehicle will drive diffrently.
  • Armed vehicles ( Helicopter with homing missles / machine guns or cars with homing missles / machine guns )
  • XBOX/Mobile/PC compatible
Car chassis video

Let me go into some stuff more detailed.
–Police wanted system–
So, There is probably not going to be any AI or something similare ingame, so we have 2 teams, Police and Citiziens.
Both teams can do a variety of missions which influence the world in some way. For example, Police has a mission where they need to deliver a moneytruck to location X.
This is a high-value-mission so it’s marked on the map in realtime so citiziens can take action in that and destroy the moneytruck to gain money.

Also citiziens can get wanted for doing illegal stuff.
If they are seen by any police members, there position will update in real time and is going to be seeable for all police members.
if not then there last position will be marked and seeable for all police members.

This way citiziens have a chance to escape but police also have a chance to capture them.

There is going to be NO jail, This is not a breakout game!

Please join the discord to hype up the game and take part in important polls, it would help us alot! :))
Thanks for reading and have a nice day! see you in summer!

Discord: Discord


That looks really good for a ROBLOX game similar to GTA V Online!
You guys chose the right amount of detail for a low-poly game, if it’s too detailed it’ll cause serious lag spikes 'cause of how many builds and scripts will be in the game.
So it’s safe to say, you and your team did a great job, I can’t wait to see the outcome of this game when it’s released, I’m sure that it’ll do great.

Keep up the good work :+1:

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This seems like a very interesting project and I’d love for this to be on the front page of Roblox as the concept and images are both detailed and look playable.

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Thanks so much!
Yeah, we are forced to limit the detail but we are still trying to have a decent amount of detail at the right place :wink:

We’re aiming for that of course! :wink:

This is epic dude! I can’t wait to see more. Well done.


If you’re interested don’t scare away from joining the discord!

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I love the game design an how he game looks and everything, it is just I really do not like the concept of the game. Get with your game designer and research GTA


The Discord invite is expired.

This looks awesome! I can’t wait to try this game out! I’d say this could be popular! You guys did a great job!

This looks incredible. I love the “Jailbreak” style! I will definitely be playing this game a-lot!

Hopefully this doesn’t include any of the NSFW stuff in the real GTA V but otherwise this seems like a good project. I can’t wait till this comes out.

Fantastic! I mean it’s a little cartoony for GTA V but yea it’s nice. It’s more of a Jailbreak style.

I’ll tell you this:
Based on my research and comparison, from the looks of it, this game will beat jailbreak. this is literally advanced jailbreak.
However, I do not think that this will beat a more photorealistic gta 5 game in roblox. But hey, you will beat jailbreak.
Make sure one thing: Provide updates as soon as possible. This is because jailbreak is constantly changing and almost never gets all that boring.
All in all, I look forward to playing this.
My discord:
Is it okay if I just simply test the game out a bit? Like, perhaps the car chassis, the looks of the city or something? Contact me on discord if i receive this opportunity.

-don’t make it like jailbreak
-building need to be more realistic(unless if aren’t permanent)
-try to stay as far away from jailbreak as possible


So far it looks nice but you have to keep in mind that it looks alot like jailbreak. It also looks a little bit like driving simulator. This means you need good gameplay to compete against them.

If he adds stuff like Heists that are more immersive than Jailbreak’s heists (and don’t break tos) then he’s sure to beat them

I think it would be hard to make more/better heists. Maybe he can add the ability to own homes, garages etc. Which you can upgrade and decorate

This project has been halted, the owner(s) moved on from the platform.


Very smart for low Poly Number 1 to prevent lag, number 2, is it out yet?