Showcase "Wuthering Heights"

Hello everyone, I created this showcase directly inspired by the novel by Emily Brontë. I need advice on things to improve and I’m not done yet. Thank you in advance !

To create this map I largely used Blender.




It’s absolutely gorgeous the house is detailed and i really like how the bushes and the flowers move while the wind blows on them, really gives off a good vibe and a comforting feeling.
However every time i sit on the blue chair i wobble for some reason.

Fantastic work :smiley:


It’s quite an impressive build. If you’re looking for some sort of feedback on which to improve, I recommend changing the arm chair textures since the lower resolution stands out among everything else.


The lighting is absolutely beautiful and vivid but maybe make the tree leaves more realistic and some parts of the house more realistic. Other than that you did a great, magnificent job!


I am really impressed of your showcase. The ambience look wonderful and it has a very beautiful feelings on the builds. It really fits very well. However, I would recommend adding the music that will fit the showcase like a relaxing genre that can be listening very well, or add a very nice sound effects of the ambience to the outside feels.

Overall, you bring the greatest imagination of all in the world. Nice job! :+1:


Hi thank you very much! And thank you for reporting this bug to me, it is fixed!

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I like your attention to detail and how you created the interior. What’s great about the interior is that it looks warm and cozy, as you’ve altered the lighting to make it seem a little less cold.

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This looks amazing, well done!

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