Showcasing my GTA 5 inspired game called Empire | Devlog(s)

Hello folks, I will be posting my progress so far for my game called “Empire”

Empire is a game based off of some fivem servers I used to play and if you dont know what fivem is its basically a custom multiplayer mod for GTA

In empire you can play as law enforcement or a criminal

As a criminal you can either capture one of the 8 turfs, Rob the bank or jewelry store, complete hits on other players if there is a hit placed on a player or the gas stations, mini market, restaurants or the big supermarket or rob ATMs

As a law enforcement there is either the military class or the police class. Both classes you either arrest players or protect turfs from other criminals and receive a security check for doing so, basically both classes do the same thing except the military class has more benefits such as its own vehicle, extra HP and a cool morph. Also both classes can arrest criminals and earn money depending on how much bounty the criminal has

Here are some sneak peeks:

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Nice work man hopefully it works out! I would like to see a GTA 5 game on roblox.

Not bad but the name of the game is odd. The word “Empire” usually means something old and this game is quite modern so I would say changing it a bit.

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This game is called Empire because you can capture turfs and create crews

So basically you can create your own “Empire”

But do you have some suggestions for a name I am always open to ideas

Sneak peek