Showcasing my LEVIATHAN!

Hi! I’m supernob123 and I’m a modeler/animator and the lead developer of “World of Dragons”. Here is one of the dragons for my game: The leviathan! image Leviathan%20swim
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Reminds me of the MH Lagiacrus, Love it!


Holy… This is one amazing dragon! I can’t wait to see more of these

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Wow, looks like a dragon fish.


When I saw your first graphic I thought that it looked amazing. You have done a magnificent job there.

Then I scrolled down.

Your second graphic, showing the movement of the beast, is not magnificent …. it is better than that! You have produced an absolutely incredibly beast. You ought to be rightly proud of the work that you have done.

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This is the most amazing model I have ever seen on either roblox and the DevForum, good job.


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I love that you put so much time and effort onto making this model, and then go as far as to animate it. Keep on doing that great work! 10/10 :smiley:

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Now THIS! what i call a DRAGON!


This is so cool, I love it. The color scheme and design, while unique, doesn’t go overboard. I think anyone seeking character design should definitely get advice from you.

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I love This dragon I would give 10/10 on modelling and animation :+1: and I have a couple of questions,

  • Did you model it on roblox studio or blender or any plugins you used?

  • How did you animate it; did you aanimate it on different software like blender or did you use a plugin?

I would really appreciate it if you answer my questions.:grinning:

Sure, I’d love to help!
My models are a “Frankenstein” of modeling, I make them in both studio AND blender. I’ll usually do things like heads and limbs in blender while I’ll make torsos, necks, and tails in studio. I just find it easier that way for some reason. The plugin that I use for building everything is F3X, I just find it really convenient and easy to use, but that’s just what works for me–everyone might have something different for them. And as for animation, I animated the dragon on studio.
Hope this helps!


Do you use a plugin for animating for is there some feature in studio I have not seen?