Showing My Castle Build for Maid Dream! Cafe

Just showing my castle build, tell me what you think!

It was extremely fun to build this! If you’re interested in builds like this you can check out my portfolio

Environment done by PokieDev, it’s pleasure collabing with you!
Some models done by 1jennye, thank you so much!


legit stunning super cool, very pro


This is very good! amazing! Even more surprised by the interior

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definitely one of the more stunningly beautiful builds I’ve ever seen, granted I’m no where near as talented as 80% of the dev base is. But this is definitely top tier! wish you luck on your next project!


It looks awesome! I love your building style.

One tiny thing I think could be improved on is the reflected glass (the one that looks blue). Honestly, it feels a bit unappealing and could be a different shade to match the brick/other glass/surrounding area.

Awesome job!

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Wow! Everything looks really awesome! Good job!

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POV: You copied hogwarts
Noice. 1 Thing is that… If its a cafe game. Why does it have a Castle? And Maid… :flushed:

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The simple answer is that I got commissioned :sweat_smile: so I can’t really answer your concerns

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Thanks for the feedback, those windows are just to simply hide the interior that weren’t decorated and I do like adding reflections to my windows

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Oh well the commissioner is dumb. For making a cafe castle game.

It looks amazing! 10/10.
Good job!

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