Showing the actual hair model in a gui not an image

Hello, I’ve been making a character customization menu but then I got stuck on how to show the actual hair on the UI and not on the player’s head (I’m pretty sure all of this doesn’t make sense but with the following video you’ll understand what I need)

I honestly got no idea where to start so any help is really appreciated.

what I’m trying to explain:

Credits to Project Ghoul for the character customization ui

I don’t know exactly what to do, but I think you would have to make a Viewport Frame and try and put the player’s character in there. I am a complete beginner on this so you should use ViewportFrame GUI ( this link to help you out. There are also many youtube videos and other devforum posts to help. Hope this helps!

Thank you. I’ve never heard of view port frames sadly.

They are basically just frames in which you can store 3D objects. I think there’s an option to move around in the frame with a mouse. By that I mean the player could rotate the frame so that the character in it for example, turns backwards.

Edit: Sorry, not “Store”, I meant “view” 3D objects as the all the frame does is view them.

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I need it for the hair not the character is fine I can just use the actual current camera for the character.