Showing up in Studio but not in game

Hi, I made a prop for my concert that took me a few hours getting it right and some of the parts are not showing in game but in studio it looks fine here it is. In studio:

In game:

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Are they unions?

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When you play in studio is it there? If not, is it anchored?

Yes the floor is a union

Unions sometimes get corrupted and don’t show up. But it’s weird how it shows up in Studio.


He said they worked in Studio.

Can you try publishing it to Roblox and sending me the game link? It might just be your computer.

I missed that part I guess. The next part of my last message still stands.

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Yes they are anchored in the game but still doesnt do anything

Sometimes, (especially when working with a friend on a game with team create), a union part might show up in studio and not in game, and sometimes vice versa. More often it’ll be the ladder, but to fix the issue you may just need to reopen studio then publish the game again.

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Just re opened and the union is gone do i just try and re add it?

Yeah, try that. If that doesn’t work, just rebuild the floor. The prop doesn’t look TOO hard to make.

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If you really want to use the union as a floor though, I’d suggest exporting it and importing it as a mesh. Unions can corrupt.

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Unions started corrupting a lot lately. They are getting more and more depricated.

If the disappearing part / model is an union, try restarting studio. If it doesn’t show up anymore, then it got corrupted.

I suggest, as an alternative, to try to get familiar with 3D designing programs, like Blender.

If you go into studio and try to separate the union, does the union just disappear? If it does, it’s definitely corrupted.

One possible fix to this would be reverting the game to a past version history if you have one available to when the parts weren’t yet in a union. Then you can “re-union” the parts and, hopefully, it won’t corrupt this time.

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It’s a bug, you have to rename your unions to make it work. Rename whatever you like!

As some other people have said this is simply a union corruption. Unions are VERY buggy and glitchy. For some reason unions have been corrupting a ton more recently and are causing issue for a ton of developers. Some ways to fix union corruptions include:

  • Un-Union And Re-Union
  • Rename the Union
  • Export as a mesh

Hope this helped! Please let me know if you’re still having troubles. Best wishes,