SHRED Custom Snowboard skins

This tutorial will teach you how to upload a custom snowboard skin and equip it on your board in SHRED.

1) Download the custom snowboard UV map

This is the snowboard’s UV map. Design your board to fit within the shown borders.

2) Customize it to make it look however you want

Remember to hide the UV map layer so that it doesn’t appear on the actual board, and if you work in multiple layers, remember to back it up in case you need to adjust anything!

3) Upload your texture as a decal to Roblox


Once you’ve finished your texture, you upload it to Roblox here. Then you will have to wait for moderation to approve of your texture.

4)Go to the Decal’s page and find its image id by backtracing the ids


Once it’s been uploaded and approved, go to the Decal’s page. Your decal has two id’s: The id shown on the website, and the one used in-game. To find the one to be used in-game, reduce the number in the URL until you get your image again. Copy this number!

5) Open the Custom Board shop option in-game and paste the ID

Open the shop, go to Custom Board and paste the number you copied earlier. Now you can preview how the board will look. If something looks off, you can edit the image, reupload it as a new decal and repeat the previous step.

After you press purchase, the board shown will be added to your inventory.
Have fun with your custom snowboard texture!