Shutted down. Post is not available

Shutted down. Post is not available.

I can’t find the actual source. Is there anyway for me to see the code?

Would you like me to say the require here? Or is the require not working?

Requiring isn’t very helpful because I can’t actually see the source of the code.

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The source code appears to be

They didn’t post this, I had to copy the ID from the require

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Let me add it to the post. First time I do a resource actually so I was a little bit confused.

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Added to the source and here. Don’t hesitate to leave feedbacks and report if something do not work! I spend 4 - 3 hours I would say doing the final things for the beta?

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Oh my. Please optimize your code. Also, use :GetService() instead of indexing the service name.


We are hiring developers to help us with this project, please for more informations if your interested go here:

I believe you’re talking a lot about who you and your team are, instead of your project.

So, the only reason why you should choose Octus is because it’s being updated frequently.

Logs & moderation commands are already used a lot in alternatives, does that mean Octus won’t have it?

But seriously, why should we, the community, use Octus over any other administration module? What features do Octus have? What pros & cons does it have in comparison to other modules?

My advice is to work more on what & why Octus, so you can convince potential users without requiring them to open Studio, check all available commands, do competitor comparisons, etc. It’s maybe 30-60 minutes work, but it helps others a lot and significantly increases chance of implementation.

I am very happy to see you as first-time contributor at this category, that’s why I am providing you this topic feedback. Please do not see this as negative comment, as I actually want you to make the most out of your contribution :slight_smile:


Oh, alright! Thanks you for the comment. That a little bit true tho. I’ll make sure to do this right now.

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I am going to sleep everyone, tommorow I will read all the suggestions and announce more commands! So basically you will need to re-take the model. Just to say a big update is coming soon!

I noticed that there’s a setting in the settings module that currently isn’t functional as of now, but I think it’s worrying that it is even there.

settings.RealCreatorPerk = true -- Will achdef have SuperAdmin perms? true = yes, false = no.

Unless you check the settings module or read the hiring devforum thread, you’d have no idea that the script would do this by default. I think that this option shouldn’t be there and that the script shouldn’t give admin permissions to people the user didn’t want to, as there wouldn’t be any reason to give admin permissions to someone who isn’t a part of the game’s staff team.


that setting is the equivalent of those free models that create a hint in workspace that says “THE MASTER CHIEF MORPH WAS MADE BY ASTRADEV1234”

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Okay? So for you I guess you take it as weird, it is for debugging. Super Admin commands if you check the MainModule is in progress of being maken. I will remove it next update,

If you need to debug, the place owner can always just add you as an admin themselves. Thank you for removing it.

I am currently doing the update. You will soon need to re-take the model.


Octus is currently dying and I need your help. Should it’s revive?

  • Revive it!
  • Let it die. RIP OCTUS.

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The recruitment post is no longer active.