Siero | German Translator

About Me

Hello! I’m Ben a German Translator., and I usually go off by “Siero” online.
My first Translation gig was over a year ago, I’ve only Translated 3 Games in Total as I have not been searching for games that would be willing to hire me to translate their game.

Games I have Translated :memo:

Anime Girl RNG
SCP: Facility Breach
SCP Foundation Roleplay

Future Gigs

KZ Industries

Game Not Finished

Why Should I Translate My Game to German? :de:

German is one of the most spoken languages in the world and the most spoken language in the EU, with almost 100 Million Native Speakers
Roblox’s player base is mostly <13, and most <13 German Speakers are unable to maintain a Conversation in English, but some German Users that can Speak Decent English put their Roblox language in German, and if the Translations are confusing, it is a doubt that they will continue playing!

If you hire me and I Translate your Game, more people who speak German will support your game, and projects, Roblox Auto Translation feature Translates your Game poorly as it doesn’t know the Context of Things, Human Translations know the Context and can Translate your Game to where People would Understand more! This may increase your audience, fan base, and concurrent players!

Localization Information :question:

  • I am a Native German Speaker and have been learning English since I was 4! I’ve been learning English in School and Online by holding Conversations Online and watching Videos in English, So I have been learning English for a long time and know the language well.

  • If I am unsure of the context of a word or sentence I will ask you for Context This is to confirm I am Translating correctly and ensure good quality in the Translations.

  • Translations may take up to a few days, maybe up to a week if I am busy with IRL, so please be patient with the Translations. Localization may not be as Easy as it may seem

  • I prefer using the Translator Portal a lot.

  • I will always test the game to ensure Translations are correct and have not mistaken something with context, etc…

Availability :clock9:

I am usually available the whole week, you may contact me whenever you feel like and I will work on weekdays if I am not Busy.

Pricing :moneybag:

25 - 50 R$ per string (depending on how long the text is)
50 - 100 R$ per ingame product (gamepasses, badges, etc.)
50 - 100 R$ per paragraph (game description)

Contact :bust_in_silhouette:

Contact me at:
Discord: sieroo
Roblox Messages
If you have any concerns or questions DM me!
Thanks for reading and Hopefully I will be able to work with you!! :slight_smile: