Sierra International: Rules

Welcome to Sierra International.

In this game, you can join departments, patrol the facility, test on subjects and roleplay as anomalies to breach containment, Be a test subject, security, engineer, researcher and more!


1. Do not break the Roblox ToS - Don’t break the Roblox Terms of Service.
2. Do not exploit - Exploiting will result in a permanent ban. This includes glitching, for example glitching into restricted areas for a malicious intent.
3. Be respectful - All players should be respected no matter their religion, race, orientation, etc. Any form of hate speech against someones religion, race and orientation will result in immediate removal from your rank, department and game, you will be permanently banned.
4. Do not spam - Spamming the chat and radios will have you removed from the server.
5. The administrators decision is final - All decisions are final. If you feel like your punishment is false and unfair you are able to discuss it on our communications server.
6. Do not breach anomalies if you’re not a test subject - Breaching anomalies is only for escapist Test subjects.
7. Do not spawn kill or random kill - This means killing another player as soon as they spawn in and killing without reason, its annoying and may result in a demotion from your department or rank.
8. Do not advertise - If you are to advertise other games, groups and servers with no connection to Sierra international will have you punished.
9. Do not abuse the “:message” command - This sends a message to the entire server, e.g: “:message pls don’t kill me”. Server messages are for things that apply to the majority of the facility.


Administrators have a royal purple tag, and their team displays “Administration”. Players in administration have access to punishment commands and are either an Overseer+ in their department.

If a player says that they are in administration without a proper tag then they are not.


Make sure you follow all of the rules or you will be punish accordingly.

If you find anyone breaking these, record it and send it to a Clearance 5+, or report it on our communications server.

- Site Director @rutelf
- Site Executive @funlyd06